Himalayan Salt Lamp

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp are made of natural crystals deposited in earth. These natural crystals are present in earth crust, 700 to 1100 meters deep. These crystals came out during mining and used for different purposes. Natural USB Rock Salt Lamp are air ionizers and helps to purify the air. The clean the environment and let us breath in healthy environment. They also cancel the effect of radiations and reduce the electromagnetic waves produced by home appliances.

Keeping this in your home can improve the environment and also they are helpful to encounter skin problems and asthma. They are no threat to ozone layer and they improves the productivity of the place by keeping the surroundings perfect. They are in four different colors depending on the color of LED present in it. They consist of a USB cable that makes them portable with your devices.

You can keep them in, home, office, study room and best use is to keep them in baby room because they neutralize dust, pollen, mold, fungus and pet dander. As babies are sensitive and a small amount of these items in atmosphere can cause them infection or allergy. Trust us because we are the trusted USB Salt Lamp exporters and enjoy our effective range.


Material: Wood+Stone
Color: Orange
Bulb 7w,10w,15w
Light Color: Yellow/white
Installation: Embedded
Cord: 1.8 m UL/CE/BS/SAA/ROHS
Hole Diameter: 40MM
Shelf Life: 10 Years