Himalayan Tear Drop Salt Lamp

Himalayan Tear Drop Salt Lamps are also made from pure natural salt extracted from Himalayan Mountain range. It is Hand crafted from Himalayan pink salt have an attractive color and shape. It has wide range of benefits and using these lamps can brought a big change in your house. They ionize the air and make it perfect to inhale. It reacts with the moisture present in room and suck excess amount of moisture.

Its tear suggest a slogan, no more tears, as its play an important role to reduce pollution from the room or any smoke coming from chimney or stove. They also reduce the radiations coming from home appliances like, TV, laptop, cell phone and increase the amount of positive ions in atmosphere. Natural Tear Drop Salt Lamp is perfect for home decor. You can improve home beauty using these lamps. Its surface is almost translucent and create great ambiance.

Light emitting from this tear drop lamp looks beautiful. It consists of a chord and bulb and can be placed anywhere in home or in office. Tear shape is loved by children. Our team works hard to craft these unique shape lamp and make us best Tear Drop Salt Lamp Exporter.


Material: Wood+Salt
Color: Pink
Bulb 7w,10w,15w
Light Color: Orange/Yellow/Blue
Installation: Embedded
Hole Diameter: 40MM
Shelf Life: 10 Years