Himalayan Bowl Salt Lamp

Himalayan Fire Bowl Salt Lamp

Himalayan Fire Bowl Rock Salt Lamp are made with natural Himalayan rock salt. These lamps were environment friendly and maintain the environment. Usually the purpose of lamps are to provide light. Customers purchase products to meet their needs. Some products have specific benefits but these Natural Fire Bowl Salt Lamp has remarkable advantage. These fire bowl lamp when heated, emits negative ion and filters the air.

They remove unpleasant materials from air and make it fresh and clean. Glowing light from lamp guards the environment and remove radiations and positive ions from it. They are good for asthma patients as they reduce respiratory disorders and keeps the lungs fresh. The shape of this fire bowl lamp is unique from different lamps and does not looks like lamp. When watched from a distance it is assumed as bowl of burning coals. It consist of a bowl filled with natural salt rocks when heated provide the light reflecting from salts. They does not allowed the moisture to enter the bowl also pushes the moisture out of the environment. Buy beautiful bowl lamps at best price from Fire Bowl Salt Lamp Exporter. These lamps are widely used in home, bedroom, café, restaurant or any event.


Material: Wood+Stone
Color: Orange
Bulb 7w,10w,15w
Light Color: Yellow/white
Installation: Embedded
Cord: 1.8 m UL/CE/BS/SAA/ROHS
Hole Diameter: 40MM
Shelf Life: 10 Years