Himalayan Salt Cylinder

Himalayan Cylinder Salt Lamp

Himalayan Cylinder Salt Lamps are also made of crystal salts found beneath the Himalaya Mountains. These crystals salts were present in these mountains from many years. These salts have multiple health benefits. One of the important benefit of these lamps is they ionize the air and purify the atmosphere. It is natural air cleanser reacts with the radiations and positive ions present in air. They are perfect for workplace.

Sitting for a long time in front of computers during work can cause irritation in eyes and create difficulty to focus. These lamps are portable with computers and provide pleasant light that do not effects eye and convert the environment into work-friendly. Keeping them in bedroom can provide a comfortable sleep. They are unique lamp and everyone cannot make them. They are hand crafted by our experts making them beautiful. Natural Cylinder USB Salt lamp is portable and have multicolor LEDs that consume very small amount of energy. When it turned on, its light changes the colors mainly, green, blue, red, pink and orange.

They looks gorgeous on your bedroom and workplace due to its beautiful shape. Catch exciting lamps at perfect price from us because we are the reputed Cylinder Salt Lamp Exporter.


Material: Wood+Stone
Color: Orange
Bulb 7w,10w,15w
Light Color: Yellow/white
Installation: Embedded
Cord: 1.8 m UL/CE/BS/SAA/ROHS
Hole Diameter: 40MM
Shelf Life: 10 Years