Himalayan Animal Lick Salt With Rope

Himalayan Animal Licking Salt with Rope is a best addition to your stable or pet house. They are sourced from natural salts and minerals present in Himalaya Mountains from many centuries. They are naturally existing water resistant salt with no chance of impurities. These salts consists of calcium, potassium and magnesium works as power house for bones and muscular strength for goats, cows, horses, dogs and other domestic animals.

Animals living near mountain areas were strong due to the presence of these salts in their habitat. Natural Himalayan rock salt with rope has surprising benefits for cattle and horses. Veterinary experts strongly recommend natural rock salt because it helps to recover lost electrolyte in animals and provide essential minerals to the body. Best way is to hang salt with rope so that ponies can lick the salt and it will balance the amount of salt in stomach also this salt help to maintain the natural color of ponies.

If the health of the animal is good then its behavior was also polite, can be handled easily. We source purest form of Himalayan animal lick salt and are popular Rock salt with rope exporter. We Paksalttraders provide excellent quality products keeping the price affordable so that our products can suit the pocket of every customer.


Material: Rope+Salt
Color: Pink
Installation: Embedded
Hole Diameter: 40MM